Leaking Pipes

Leaking Pipes

Leaks can go unnoticed for weeks, but it is crucial that you get leaks taken care of as soon as it comes to your attention. Constant running water and dripping can cause extensive damage and costly repairs. Leaks can also lead to more serious issues such as fixture corrosion.

Signs of a Faucet Leak

  • Drips
  • Rust or water puddles
  • Higher water bill
  • Squeaky faucets
  • Mold or rotten food smell

Signs of a Leaking Toilet

  • Bubbling or groaning noises
  • Water on the bathroom floor from an unknown source
  • Uneven floor / tile
  • Moldy or sewer gas smells

Signs of a Leaking
Water Heater

  • Excess water around the water heater tank
  • Raised floor tile or uneven flooring near the water heater
  • Dripping noises or unusual sounds coming from
    the water heater
  • Lack of hot water, or inconsistent supply

Signs of a Leaking Washing Machine Hose

  • Musty / moldy smell in laundry room
  • Puddles of water around the washing machine
  • Rusted hose connections
  • Loose hose connections
  • Bulging / Cracked hoses

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