Water Treatment & Purification

Water Treatment & Purification

Water treatment and purification should be a routine part of your plumbing system maintenance. It is very important to be sure that the water you are drinking and using in other areas of your home is sanitary and safe. Even if your water is safe, it could still contain magnesium and calcium which could hinder the plumbing system’s performance. Call Miami Rooter for testing, treating, and purifying the water you use in your home. We are available 24/7 for Miami and surrounding areas.

Why Install a Water Softener or Filtration System?

To keep your plumbing system running as long as possible, we recommend installing a water softener. This will help prevent buildup and mineral deposits in your sink, toilet bowl, or shower. Our licensed plumbers are ready to recommend what is best for your home.

Results of Mineral Buildup

Soap & Detergent Problems– Hard water hinders soap from dissolving which makes household chores like showering and doing laundry much more difficult.
Plumbing Line Buildup – Mineral deposit build ups in your pipes could cause your plumbing system to become useless.
Water Spots – A water softener can help get rid of those water spots on your dishes that never seem to go away.

Have an Unsanitary Water Emergency?

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