Commercial Plumbing Installations & Replacement

Plumbing Installations & Replacements

Whether you need an update or an upgrade for your place of business, Miami Rooter is fully prepared to meet your needs. We will install your new equipment so that it is working flawlessly with your existing system. Our highly trained plumbers can recommend upgrades or installations based on their expert knowledge of the equipment.

This is just a short list of equipment we install & repair

Restroom Faucets & Toilets

An interruption to your plumbing system means an interruption to your business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, the restrooms must be in working order at all times for employees and customers. Miami Rooter can get the job done with as little business interruption as possible. Whether you need repairs to your existing facilities, upgrades, or a whole new restroom, we can help you choose what is right for your business.

Under-Sink Grease Traps

Grease traps that are too small or not having enough grease traps can lead to some serious issues within your business such as plumbing problems and issues with the health department.In the long run, having the proper size and amount of grease traps will save you money and help avoid problems that will cost time and money.

Kitchen Faucets

Miami Rooter is very knowledgeable when it comes to what kitchen needs what type of faucet. We know what the best choice for your place of business is and are ready to help your business with whatever type of kitchen it has.

Floor Drains

Miami Rooter can install, repair, and maintain all kinds of drains. If your drain is not performing the way it should then give us a call.

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