Water Line Replacement & Installation

Water Line Replacement & Installation

An aged water line can be susceptible to the effects of freezing and thawing, ground movement, water pressure, mineral buildup, and more. A damaged water line can cause water discoloration, a drop in water pressure, and other issues. These signs could eventually lead to needing an emergency replacement. Call Miami Rooter if your business is experiencing these issues!

Trenchless Water Line
Pipe Replacement

Miami Rooter uses trenchless pipe techniques in order to replace or install new water lines. This is the most effective and efficient technique for repairing water lines. This technique allows us to repair your water line without having to dig up your yard.

When to Choose Trenchless
Pipe Replacement

  • For pipes underneath house or landscaping
  • Cracked or broken water pipes
  • Damaged pipes from freezing and thawing
  • A larger water line upgrade

Have a Water Line Emergency?

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