We are raising awareness of the importance of water sustainability, which isn’t only good for the environment but can help save money too. Here’s some top tips we can offer to customers who are looking to save water:

1. Install a flow limiter

Many of today’s showers and caps come with optional flow regulators which work by limiting the flow of the connection. Most standard showers distribute a shower flow rate of 13.5l per minute, while flow regulated showers can offer a rate of 10l per minute respectively. Flow limiters can also be retrofitted to many products.

2. Look for an eco-setting

Another good option is to recommend products which have an eco-setting. This allows users to choose water saving mode when they don’t necessarily need maximum flow level.

3. Invest in quality brassware

GIven that a leaky tap or shower can lead to all sorts of problems, it really is a false economy to try and cut down on quality. With this in mind, it’s always worth making customers aware of the importance of investing in quality fixtures which have been tested to a high standard.

4. Consider a dual flush WC

A traditional single flush WC will use a generous 9-12l per flush, whereas today’s dual options use a maximum of just 6l with some as low as 4.2l.

5. Try a low volume bath

Contouring the internal profile of the bath so that it requires substantially less water to fill up to the overflow can save up to 90l in some cases. So, for customers who are set on fitting a bath, mention that there are options available which reduce water wastage, without compromising on a luxurious bathing experience.