The average person enjoys a little pampering now and then. And when it comes to toilet paper, most folks want the strongest, softest rolls available. However, the softest and prettiest toilet paper may not be so good for home plumbing systems. It actually takes the pretty stuff longer to break down.For older or more finicky plumbing, this long, break-down time can lead to chronic plumbing issues such as clogging and flooding back into the home, and nobody wants that. One suggestion from experts is to use only one-ply toilet papers because these papers tend to dissolve faster. Think about it this way – the thicker the paper, the harder it’ll be to flush through your plumbing system simply because there’s more of it. Good Housekeeping reviewed 22 types of toilet paper and graded them on 10 tests. One of the elements they considered was how quickly a sheet dissolved, among other factors. The results were kind of surprising. Most received a B, but there were a couple of As and even a few Cs. While the strong, absorbent and oh-so-soft toilet paper may be a real treat for the derrière, it could be wreaking havoc on the plumbing. Homeowners should consider searching for a middle ground brand that will satisfy the desire to pamper and the need to keep the pipes flowing. In the end, a comfortable caboose could come with a hefty price tag for the homes pipes and plumbing.