With the freezing temperatures, frozen pipes could cost homeowners and local business owners thousands of dollars in repairs.

Temperatures are continuing to drop over the next few nights, especially New Year’s Eve. Some ideas to avoid plumbing nightmares, for instance, is, to leave your cabinets open just a little bit, to keep a little heat in there. Be wary of outdoor water hoses. If you have a shut-off valve inside, turn that off, and let all the water drain out of it.

In addition to plumbing, the cold temperatures can also take a toll on transportation. On a cold day, the coldness just makes the battery weaker, and the car won’t start.

Mechanics suggest being proactive about vehicles by recommending the following tips:

  • Checking your fluids
  • Using fresh antifreeze
  • Filling up on gas
  • Keeping an eye on your tires
  • Testing battery life
  • Having windshield wiper fluid